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Qmail not sending mail: qmail-queue[26720]: cannot reinject message to mail system

For those interested, i fixed this issue. Forced a refresh of the psa-qmail rpm using the following procedure. Then applied art's qmail-scanner rpm and everything is good!


Stop qmail:

service qmail stop
service courier-imap stop
service xinetd stop

Backup the bin and qmal queue directories:

mv /var/qmail/bin /var/qmail/bin.old
mv /var/qmail/queue /var/qmail/queue.old

Now refresh this installation. To do this, you will need a fresh copy of the psa-qmail rpm for your distribution. You can either download a tarball of all the rpms from the plesk website.

So then, refresh by running:

rpm -ivh --force psa-qmail*
Try again, and you should have overcome your injection problems!

service courier-imap start
service xinetd start

Keep it simple :-) 

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